Merlene Odums and her two small children, Hurricane Katrina refugees, arrive in Las Vegas where they are met by Clay, a perky hospitality specialist at the Bellagio, who is ready and waiting to roll out the red carpet for these worthy (and PR worthy) unfortunates. In this funny and incisive short play, good intentions quickly dark as it becomes clear that charity means different things to different people.

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When Roy (of the legendary Las Vegas duo Seigfried and Roy) was mauled by his beloved white tiger, Montecore, 24-7 news coverage gave us the human side of the event, but this funny and imaginative short play gives us the big cats’ version of things. Two articulate and wild tigers hang out the day after, shooting the shit, speculating on their post-attack future in their cushy human environment, and eventually debating the age-old question: Are the comforts of assimilation worth the cost of suppressing one’s true (non-human) nature?

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Humana Festival 2006: The Complete Plays


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